Nothing remains everlasting...

In spite of careful choice and use of the highest-quality materials, as well as an expert assembly and regular servicing, the materials used in the swimming-pool area or machines are defeated by a wear. In case of a defect we offer you direct and reasonable repair in short time windows in our own workshop.

Of course repair is also carried out on-site, or the defective parts are disassembled on-site, repaired in our workshop and assembled back on-site working again.

We dispose a big portion in spare parts in our storage, far in excess of the products distributed by our company. In case that an exotic product is out of order we are able to fall back on spare parts supplier worldwide.

In case of the complicated defects which can be removed exclusively by the respective manufacturer or which the spare part procurement is time-consuming, we offer suitable spare devices to our customers to bridge the time of repair, if requested.