Expert's achievements and reports

In the field of swimmingpool technology, swimmingpool arrangements, sauna arrangements we offer expert's achievements and the implementation of the certificated reports linked with it.

Mostly certificates are connected with judicial discussions. However, also with undisputes expert's certificates can get clarity about details. By the forthcoming purchase of a real estate which contains a swimmingpool or wellness area we are able to document the state of swimmingpool or wellness area from neutral view and give you clarity about forthcoming repairs.

Further on we provide certificates by the order of insuring agencies or private individuals, in case of present damages to swimming-pools, sauna arrangements or jacuzzis.

Analog to our consultation achievements, we guarantee the performance of our expert's achievements to the best of one's skill and knowledge, taking into account the present state of the technology as well as the appropriate norms, sets of rules and recommendations of trade associations.